Employers Need to up Their Game to Root out CSCS Card Fraud

Construction employers need to ‘up their game’ in rooting out fake Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards, according to Unite.

The union made its call following the recent case of a fake CSCS card seller being jailed for  three years. This latest news emphasises that there continues to be a market in fake CSCS cards, which undermines their value according to Unite.

The Union says the existence of fake cards is primarily a result of the failure of employers to properly check CSCS cards when workers begin work. All new CSCS cards contain a microchip and, if an employer checked the cards electronically, they would automatically know if they were genuine.

Unite national officer Bernard McAulay said, “Construction workers recognise the importance of the CSCS card and it is a major factor in helping to improve standards and competency in the industry. However, the number of fake cards in the system is tainting CSCS’ brand and diminishes the confidence of workers in the scheme.

“To ensure that the CSCS card remains the gold standard, employers need to up their game and ensure that all cards are checked electronically. The employers’ failure to do this is allowing the spivs and fraudsters to flourish. Allowing unqualified workers damages productivity and potentially the safety of all workers on that site.”



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