Enhanced Grant for Rainscreen Cladding VQ Achievements

CITB Grant Cladding

THE Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is now offering an enhanced grant for training in Rainscreen Wall Cladding Systems and Rainscreen Cladding Installation.

The organisation is offering an additional £400 on top of the existing grant £600 Achievement Grant for Rainscreen Cladding vocation qualifications achieved from 1 April 2022.

The Enhanced Grant is offered for training in Rainscreen Wall Cladding Systems at NVQs, Diplomas and SVQs at level 2 and 3/6 (Scotland), and for Rainscreen Cladding Installation awards at Level 2.

The National Roof Training Group advises that this training is currently available and they can be contacted for further information. Email denise@yirtg.org.uk

Short Period Grants

Short Period Grants are paid approved short-period qualifications in core construction skills. Qualifications can be delivered in several ways as defined within the approved standard, including:

  • off-the-job
  • through on-site assessment (OSAT)
  • through experienced worker practical assessment (EWPA)
  • by distance and e-learning
  • outside conventional working hours (evenings or weekends)

Short-period qualification grants are not available to support individual achievements that form part of other longer qualifications.

Short Period Qualification grant is applied for following the existing process. The enhancement is automatically added, where the employer is eligible, at the same time as the SVQ/NVQ achievement grant is processed.

Further information can be found on the CITB Short Period Qualifications grants page.

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