Envirotile Set to Partner with GB-Sol on Rooftop PV Innovation

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY roof tile manufacturer, The Green Sustainable Products Company (GSPC) has announced a new partnership with solar company, GB-Sol to introduce an innovative, fully in-line photovoltaic (PV) roof system from July 2019.

The EnviroPVtile roof system is a leap forward in roofing technology, combining the light weight and rapid fitting of Envirotiles with a fully integrated solar PV system. Each EnviroPVtile generates 25W of peak solar power. And because each EnviroPVtile is fixed just like a standard Envirotile, customers can choose how many EnviroPVtiles to incorporate on their roof to suit budget and power requirements.

Easier and safer

Envirotile was the brain-child of GSPC managing director, Trevor Wakefield. Trevor, who had been a roofer for many years, wanted to design an easier and safer roof tile that was more environmentally friendly. He came up with the Envirotile – made from recycled plastic, lightweight and fully interlocking for strength, and fully BBA accredited.

Manufactured in the UK, the Envirotile has been installed on numerous UK projects and has seen exceptional demand from the new-build sector.

EnviroPVtile can be ordered now for new build developments for supply from July onwards.

GSPC offers a complete Envirotile roof system with all hip, gable, ridge, fixings etc accessories. For the EnviroPVtile, GB-Sol’s experienced technical team will assist in array configurations and specifications to ensure a trouble-free installation.



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