EnvirotilePV Integrated Solar PV Roof Installed in Record Four Hours

Integrated EnvirotilePV Solar PV roof installation

FIRST OF ITS KIND, integrated EnvirotilePV Solar PV roof system – manufactured in Wales using entirely recycled plastics – was installed successfully in a record time of four hours.

A partnership of two award-winning companies: Green Sustainable Products Co Ltd and Shropshire-based, Nigel Hayman Roofing Company achieved the remarkable feat of installing the complete rooftop solar PV system on a typical domestic roof.

The Objectives

The Green Sustainable Products Co (GSPC) tasked itself with providing a genuine, UK-manufactured, low carbon rooftop solar system that can be easily installed by roofing teams following an easy instruction guide (Phase 1 PV Roof installation).

The company wanted to provide an innovative installation process that makes it easy for certified roofers to install the solar tiles to roof areas simply and straightforwardly as standard practice throughout the UK, saving contractors time and money. Phase 2 electrical connection is then simplified for an MCS certified installer.

Envirotile Integrated Solar PV

The Proof

Earlier this month, GSPC proved that Envirotile Integrated Solar PV really is a game-changer for roofing contractors looking to install solar PV roof systems.

The project proved the first principle – Speed of installation.

It took two roofers just four hours to complete a complete roof elevation – which is undoubtedly a new record. The timed installation was verified by a drone used to video the whole installation timespan.

Importantly, the roofers used on the installation had no prior experience of installing a PV system on a roof.

Envirotile Integrated Solar PV

EnvirotilePV Integrated Solar PV Game Changer

Up until now, an existing roof has had to be fully stripped and retiled if the client wants an integrated solar roof.

That is no longer the case. Now, existing tiled slated roofs can easily have incorporated an EnvirotilePV integrated PV solar array, as well as considerably improving the roof aesthetics compared to overlaid solar panels.

Envirotile Integrated Solar PV

Future Homes and Zero Carbon Targets

Now that more stringent Part L Building Regulations are coming into force as part of the Future Homes strategy, from next June 2022 pre-planning conditions will take on even more importance. It will be extremely important for builders to incorporate renewable, low-carbon product elements within the building construction.

EnvirotilePV provides the perfect solution. It allows contractors the option of adopting a greener policy and offer to their clients. It not only helps organisations and individuals to decarbonise, but will greatly assist the UK roofing industry to move forward and progress their environmental strategies.

GSPC is a dedicated environmental company that provides an ecologically and economically proven application for the reuse of end-of-life plastics. What better way for recycling plastics than with a product that uses the free power provided by the sun!

For more information about the Green Sustainable Products Company Ltd and EnvirotilePV visit the website here. Or call on 0845 269 7137 or email enquiries@greensustainableproductsco.com

Envirotile Integrated Solar PV


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