Face Mask Sales Up 1100% for Construction Retailer – Despite Being Unsuitable for Medical Use

FACE MASK SALES have soared at a PPE retailer, with more sold in just February this year than the whole of 2019, despite its products being for construction rather than medical use.

Vizwear also experienced dramatic sale increases in protective suits, with a 2500% increase in sales in February this year compared to January.

Construction products

Daniel Ure, Director of Sales at Vizwear said, “Over the last month we have experienced extremely high demand for face masks products and protective suits from our customers.

“The Vizwear team are also receiving large numbers of enquires daily from people looking to buy this equipment and are working tirelessly to replenish stock and keep up with demand.

“Whilst it’s encouraging to see people taking steps to prepare themselves for a potential outbreak, the masks that Vizwear currently sell are targeted towards workers within the trade and construction industry and aren’t designed for medical reasons.”



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