Fall from Height Lands Roofing Contractor with Fine

A LONDON-based roofing company, McDonald Roofing Contractors Limited, has been fined after a worker fell a distance of nine metres from a flat roof he was working on.

McDonald Roofing Contractors Limited were carrying out re-roofing works that began at the end of February 2018. On 12 March 2018 an employee of McDonald Roofing Contractors Limited was carrying out work on a flat roof. Whilst carrying out this work he stepped backwards from the flat roof. As a result of the fall the worker suffered a broken right shoulder blade, a broken right collar bone, and a fracture to the left side of his face.

An investigation found that the company had failed to ensure that the work at height was properly planned; appropriately supervised; and carried out in a manner which is so far as is reasonably practicable safe.

McDonald Roofing Contractors Limited pleaded guilty to breaching Work at Height Regulations 2005 and was fined £30,000, with costs of £1483.00.

HSE inspector Adam Thompson said: “The case highlights the importance of ensuring that work at height is properly planned and appropriately supervised. The incident could so easily have been avoided by having suitable and sufficient edge protection around the flat roof.”



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