Fantastic, Functional, Fire-Safe Roof Garden: IKEA Greenwich

EveRoof green roofing

IN A BUILT ENVIRONMENT where biodiversity, community, health and social well-being are key drivers, an artificial roof expands the functionality and appeal of an all-year-round lush green expanse.

They require less maintenance, look great in all weathers, and are the perfect complement to more natural planted elements of a rooftop landscape.

Artificial Green Roofs and Natural Planting in Unison

Artificial green roofs can be the perfect partners for naturally planted counterparts such as sedum roofs, raised planters and even urban farming plots – just like on IKEA’s Greenwich rooftop garden. Recently awarded the 2020 UK Roofing Award for Green Roofing, contractor Bridgman and Bridgman.

Blending the transition between nature and function, the artificially turfed section of the garden extended the sleek lines and allows accessibility to visitors all year round.

EveRoof green roofingIn this masterful collaboration, the high traffic, low maintenance and evergreen EverRoof artificial green roof system provided the perfect communal area between paving, raised urban farming beds and the sedum-covered areas. Blending the transition between nature and function, the artificially turfed section of the garden extended the sleek lines and allows accessibility to visitors all year round.

IKEA Greenwich EverRoof® Artificial Green Roof System

The 166m2 expanse of EverRoof’s EVR1 system features 36mm Wonder Yarn synthetic grass atop 30mm foam drainage pad and a further drainage matting layer. Alongside its perimeter paving and accompanying planters, the artificial lawn is finished on all sides by a Scottish pebble margin, resin-bonded for safety, and matched to other pebbles across the design.

Biodiversity, Wildlife Habitats and Community Outdoor Space

Since its opening, IKEA Greenwich in London has received an ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM certification – the highest award for sustainable construction – and attributable to its green roofs and roof garden alongside its use of renewable energy from solar panels, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting and renewable construction materials.

In the roof gardens, the combination of the artificial and the natural is multi-faceted, adding elements of all-year-round planted interest, colour and form to the functional space.

EveRoof green roofThe seated area provides a haven for visitors to take time out to relax, bringing them closer to nature and allowing them to maximise the enjoyment and health benefits of the open air and outdoor space.

“The store takes sustainability to the next level, not just in its design and architecture, but also as it was built with the local community in mind,” stated Helen Aylett, IKEA Greenwich store manager.

Choosing an Accredited Artificial Green Roof System for Safety and Fitness for Purpose

Whilst the IKEA Greenwich installation has a focus on community, sustainability and biodiversity themes, it also holds functionality and safety to account. As a business, the Evergreens UK Group, of which EverRoof is part, has invested heavily in the development of the only fire and wind accredited artificial green roof system on the market today.

The EverRoof artificial green roof system provides regulatory assurances to the Building Inspectorate, fire and safety officers and housing managers that the products and system have been tested and accredited to BS and EU fire standards specifically for flat roofing.

Wind speed tested to 100mph, every EverRoof product installed on flat roofs by professional, accredited installers has been developed and rigorously tested with fitness for purpose (an external layer on a flat roof), its safety (BROOF(t4)), and all relevant fire and wind accreditations in mind.

For further information and assistance on EverRoof accredited artificial green roof systems, you can visit the EverRoof, or call Temi Kucuk and the EverRoof team on 01572 766912 or 07591 204463.



EverRoof will be joining the green roof crusade in this year’s global green roof celebrations on World Green Roof Day on 6 June 2021. A credit to its organisers and partners across the green roof industry, this will be a chance to shout from the greenest of rooftops, with publicity and encouragement for the professional installation of green roofs on buildings and roof gardens. 

Find out more about #WGRD2021 



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