Financial Support Added to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

THE LIGHTHOUSE CONSTRUCTION Industry Charity’s free App has been upgraded with nudge, a financial wellbeing platform, in response to feedback from users.

A key finding of the charity’s latest Impact Report was that 62% of emergency financial grants were to help pay for daily living costs including buying food, paying utility bills, and clearing rent arrears and debt.

Over 50% of the construction workforce are either self-employed, agency workers or on zero-hour contracts. So when things go wrong financially, issues can quickly spiral out of control, says the charity.

The app’s new feature focuses on the need for more preventative tools and building resilience in the areas of mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

Financial education

Nudge provides personal and unbiased financial education in a simple way.  With timely prompts (nudges) to take action and the tools to help people manage their money, this latest development will help people to boost their financial wellbeing and in turn their overall wellbeing.

The new feature offers:

  • Nudges: When there’s something people need to know, or a financial action they ought to take, users are sent a personal, timely nudge to remind them.
  • Education: Bite size personalised content – boosts financial knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • Tools: Money management tools help with tasks such as budgeting or saving for goals easier.

The charity’s mission is that “no construction worker or their family is alone in a crisis” and this latest addition to the app complements the 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline.

Free wellbeing training 

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity recently announced free wellbeing training to the industry for the remainder of 2020 and this includes financial wellbeing sessions. The charity is also responding to the employment fallout of Covid-19 and increasing numbers of redundancies by offering sessions aimed at improving employability as part of their free wellbeing programme.

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity said, “With financial stress at an all time high, it’s vital to address money worries quickly. By making all of our proactive and reactive wellbeing support services free, we hope to remove any barriers to access so that our construction workers get the help they need quickly.  By doing this we move one step closer to our mission “that no construction worker or their family is alone in a crisis”.

Tim Perkins of Nudge said, “We are delighted to be supporting the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity with this initiative. Our mission is to create brighter financial futures by providing people with unbiased and personalised support to develop their financial skills and knowledge. We look forward to helping to make a difference to those in need in the construction industry at this particularly difficult time.”

The free Construction Industry Helpline mobile App for Android and iOS is available to download now.





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