Fireside Chat No. 3: Supply Chain Complexities

FREEFOAM BUILDING PRODUCTS announces the release of the latest ‘Fireside Chat’ video: Supply Chain Complexities. This third video discusses the complexities and challenges of the supply chain for manufacturers.

Ways to improve

Featuring Colin St John, Commercial Director, the video gives an overview of the supply chain. It highlights how a huge range of variables impact the ability to control the process and suggests ways to improve.

This latest video is part of a series of informal discussions covering pertinent themes and current issues designed to open up discussion about important industry topics.

Marketing Manager, Louise Sanderson, explains: “We’ve developed these videos so installers, stockists and the wider market can learn more, and agree or disagree, about important issues and trends that affect them.

“Freefoam Commercial Director, Colin St John, has worked in roofline for around 20 years. He gives great insight into changes in the industry and their implications for the future.”

Watch the Fireside Chat No.3: Supply Chain Complexities below.

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