First Flat Roof Training Gets Underway at New Yorkshire Roof Training Centre

THIS WEEK saw the very first course at the new Yorkshire Roof Training Centre being delivered by Langley Waterproofing Ltd.

The seven delegates from three companies say they are really enjoying the Built Up Roofing course, which runs for two days per month over five months.

Danny Haywood attended the first BUFR course at Yorkshire Roof Training Centre with colleague, Tina Hallam, both from Templar Roofing Ltd.

Tina Hallam, who works as a felt roofer for Templar Roofing Ltd, said, “I’m absolutely buzzing – really enjoying the course,” while her colleague, Danny Haywood, also a felt roofer, added that he’s learning a lot.

Spearheaded by Mark Dunn, Head of Training at Langley Waterproofing the course at Barnsley is being delivered by roofing tutor, Craig Haddon, MIoR. Craig said, “It’s been an excellent course with all delegates keen to learn and working well together. A great start at Barnsley.”

A second cohort starts training at the centre in Barnsley in January 2021 and the same course is running in Caerphilly at the Wales National Roof Training Group’s dedicated roof training centre in two, five-day blocks in February and March 2021.

Flat Roofing Trailblazer

The Flat Roofing Trailblazer course, offering wider flat roof training in built up felt roofing, liquid applied roofing and single ply, also starts in the new year supported by North West Roof Training Group.

John Ibbotson,​ who works as a subcontractor for Everlast Waterproofing Ltd

Denise Cherry, Group Training Officer for the Yorkshire Independent Roof Training Group (YIRTG) said, “The popularity of these courses is due to the pent-up demand stemming from a lack of provision until recently. It is testament to the work done by Langley Waterproofing Ltd in developing a range of courses in this roofing discipline which has long suffered from a lack of training.”

John Ibbotson,​ who works as a subcontractor for Everlast Waterproofing Ltd, and is attending with two colleagues said, “This course will be a great addition to my skills and will help me progress in my career.”