Five Contractors Re-Roof Minehead Landmark

A MAJOR RE-ROOFING project, costing £170,000 has begun to replace the roof on one of Minehead’s most familiar and historic buildings.

The work, at the Regal Theatre, will last about 13 weeks and initially involves the erection of a complicated scaffolding structure – necessary because of the complexity of the of the theatre roof which has multiple levels and angles.

Five contractors

There are five contractors involved in the Regal re-roofing project: APS Scaffolding Ltd, Bridgwater; APS Scaffolding Ltd, Taunton, (which is responsible for the safety netting); Shield Environmental Services Ltd (which is removing, and disposing of, the existing roofing material); Curtis Engineering (Frome) Ltd (suppliers and fitters of the new roofing); A&E Roofing Services, Minehead (which will supply and fix flashings)

The roof at present

The project is being undertaken by the MATA (Minehead Amateur Theatrical Association) Regal Theatre Company Ltd – an organisation entirely run by volunteers – and also involves retail premises Poundland which occupies the ground floor.

The work is expected to cause minimal disruption and the theatre will remain open for the duration of the project.

Over the last 10 years the cement-based roof has deteriorated considerably causing several serious leaks, and the entire existing roof will be removed and replaced with a modern material comprising profiled steel composite insulated sheeting.

Scaffolding going up

A new heating and ventilation system has already been installed in the building and a heat recovery unit will be fitted in the new roof as the work progresses.

The Regal building opened in 1934 as a 1,600-seat cinema. It was later used for live performances, and in 1979 was converted into its present format with 400 raked seats, the stalls on the ground floor of the original cinema being converted into retail premises, now occupied by Poundland.



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