Five Firms Sign Up as Carbon Champions

CO2nstruct Zero Campaign

MORE HOUSEHOLD names from UK construction have committed to help drive carbon out of the industry as part of the Construction Leadership Council’s CO2nstruct Zero campaign.

CO2nstruct Zero brings together businesses from across the sector to deliver the change needed to reduce carbon use in construction. It includes a roadmap for change and clear measures against which the industry’s progress is measured.

One key element of the campaign is the growing list of companies that have committed to become CO2nstruct Zero Business Champions, each setting out how they are driving down carbon in their business and working to share this good practice with industry.

The latest firms to sign up as Business Champions are:

They join more than 80 other companies as Business Champions from across the industry that are lending their support to the campaign. There are now over 180 companies supporting the campaign.

CLC Deputy Co-chair, Richard Robinson said: “CO2nstruct Zero’s reach and influence continues to grow, and we warmly welcome our newest Business Champions who will further strengthen a diverse group of organisations from across the construction sector.

The scale of change needed to achieve net zero cannot be overestimated, whether that be the retrofitting of buildings or the manufacture of low carbon materials. However, by working together, sharing best practice and holding ourselves to account, we can get where we need to be by 2050.”


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