Fixfast Initiatives Seek to Raise Standards in Fastener Specification

FIXFAST, A LEADING MANUFACTURER and supplier of fasteners, has launched two major initiatives to support the correct specification of fasteners for the building envelope.

Architects and contractors can access a comprehensive technical support service providing guidance on project-specific fastener selection and testing. Complementing the new service, a highly-detailed Specification Guide can be downloaded by specifiers as useful reference material.

Both initiatives have been introduced to encourage more consistent and improved specification of building envelope fasteners, and therefore enable the construction of better, safer, and longer-lasting buildings.

Against a construction industry background of increased scrutiny on building product safety and quality, Ken Lynes, Managing Director of Fixfast, explains “Our experience shows that fasteners can sometimes be overlooked. Although a small detail, it’s critical that the right fastener is used for the right building application.

“The consequences of a building or its sub-systems failing could be very serious. In addition to the obvious impact on public safety, using the wrong fastener could compromise the building’s whole-life value, and introduce the risk of litigation for the people involved in creating it.”

Fast response

The Specification Support Service promises responses to queries within 48 hours, access to Fixfast’s dedicated Technical Support Team, and advice on what fastener will meet the required system specification while complying with current building standards and regulations.

The service also includes support with writing project specifications, preparation of fixing-related calculations (e.g. for windloads, facades, and tapered schemes), and access to technical documents and CPD sessions.

The Specification Guide sets out the basic principles of fastener performance in terms of material make-up, durability and aesthetics, together with guidance on the requirements of system applications. The guide also features an overview of the relevant standards and regulations, and a checklist to work through when developing written specifications.

More information on Fixfast’s Specification Support Service is available on the company’s website or on 0800 0590955 and The Fixfast Specification Guide for Building Envelope Fasteners can be downloaded here.



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