Roofing Market Report: Flat and Metal Biggest Drivers of Growth

DEMAND FOR FLAT AND metal systems is set to be the biggest driver of growth in roofing in the coming years due to the expansion in online retail according to new research

The report by AMA Research states that flat and metal panel systems already accounted for around 60% of total sales in 2018.

As well as the expansion in distribution hubs for online retailers, other key applications have been factories, energy-from-waste facilities, agricultural buildings and leisure developments.

The research predicts modest growth for the industry as a whole, with housebuilding and domestic repair and maintenance also a factor.

Alternative roofing products and skills

Another possible driver could be further growth in demand for ‘green roofs’, (and ‘blue roofs) in London and other cities with a need to offset poor air quality and deal with run-off from increases in rainfall.

The need for such products could be enhanced by government green initiatives. However, the high instillation costs and skills shortage within the industry could provide a barrier.

The skills shortage within roofing and construction in general could have an adverse impact on growth.

Of the companies which responded to the research, 12% were currently experiencing some difficulties recruiting roofers, and 6% were having severe difficulties.

However researchers highlighted the work the industry is doing to address the skill shortages identified, through projects such as the Roofing Skills Partnership, being led by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors.

The information was taken from the Roofing Market Report – UK 2019-2023 by AMA Research, which is available to purchase now at the AMA Research website or by calling 01242 235724.



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