Flex-R Achieves Double-Digit Growth

Flex-R team (L-R) Ben Midwinter, Duncan Winter and Danny Cole

FLEX-R has achieved double-digit growth in the first half of 2019, thanks to a rise in sales of its flagship products and its growing presence in the North of England.

The High Wycombe-based company is a supplier of EPDM materials including; Sure-Weld, LQD-R, RubberBond FleeceBack and the recently launched silicone liquid coating GE Enduris.

Flex-R’s Trading Director Duncan Winter says that RubberBond FleeceBack is coming of age and challenging the historical dominance of hot-melt systems being seen as the default for use on many new builds and renovation projects with flat roofs.

Duncan Winter

“Cold-applied single-ply systems are gathering significant traction in the flat roofing market, and having the sole rights to distribute US-manufactured Carlisle SynTec single-ply goods such as RubberBond means that we have the best products in the UK marketplace – and the growth in their use is set to continue,” said Duncan.

“Having the best products in the market doesn’t always guarantee growth, which is why the team at Flex-R work hard to support our network of Specialist Registered Installers (SRIs), who are making a big difference that is translating into growth.”

Northern powerhouse
The other factor in the company’s success is what Duncan refers to as Flex-R’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

A little over a year ago, Flex-R opened a second UK depot along the M62 corridor in Huddersfield, which acts as a training hub that roofing contractors based in the North of England can visit to undergo training to become SRIs. The depot also acts as a distribution centre for its product range, including getting pre-cut sections of RubberBond to sites for next-day delivery.

“Our new depot in Huddersfield has enabled us to grow our business by 45% in the North of England – primarily because it’s more convenient for roofing contractors to come and learn about the products and become SRIs,” added Duncan.

“It’s also enabled us to have a northern base for Area Sales Managers (ASMs) and Regional Specification Managers (RSMs) – meaning that, as a business, we can be so much more responsive in supporting roofing contractors, as well as architects and specifiers, who would have previously had to travel to High Wycombe.”

For more information, visit the Flex-R website.




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