Four Ways Smart Tech can Help Sell your House Faster

WHEN THE time comes to sell your home, you’ll no doubt have two primary aims: to get the price you want and to sell as quickly as possible. As of late, the property market hasn’t really been going anywhere; in fact, prices have been slightly down month on month.

With that in mind, you’ll want to do everything you can to boost the value of your home. People do this in a variety of ways — from redecoration to home extensions. However, the continued growth of smart technology in the mainstream market means that upgrading the home with smart devices has presented another opportunity to add value.

So, if you were to go down the smart tech route, what should you be installing?

Smart utilities
Sustainability is a major concern for the modern consumer. With rising utility bills, people are looking to save as much money as they can, but many are also becoming more energy conscious as climate change issues return to the fore. Through smart tech, users can now enjoy more sustainable consumption solutions.

Depending on the quality of your boiler, the smart thermostat is capable of saving up to a fifth on energy bills a year. Smart lighting will also help reduce consumption, with smart LED bulbs capable of lasting over a decade as well.

Couple the savings benefits with the remote practicalities of the devices, and you have a definite selling point on the resourcefulness of your home.

Smart safety
Naturally, the safety and security of the home is another major sticking point for most buyers. Whilst nobody is likely to baulk at a traditional lock and key set up, the additional security benefits of smart technology will only add to the home’s appeal.

The video doorbell is a good starting point, as not only will it be the first thing those viewing the house will see, but it also offers a useful security tool for the majority that spend the day away from the home. The same goes for the smart lock that can be remotely controlled from anywhere — whether users want to be able to offer remote daytime access to the house or just want to enjoy keyless entry on arriving home, it’s another advanced selling point.

Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are both potential life savers, and both an improvement on traditional devices.

The Smart Hub
Finally, you’re going to need something to control all of your smart devices. Whilst most, if not all devices will also be connected to your smartphone, a centralised smart hub will offer full control in the home, often via nothing more than voice command.

Of course, before flooding your home with smart technology, you need to consider what financial benefit it will bring to a potential sale. It’s important you keep track of your finances when making home improvements and only make moves that are genuine investments.

However, with the rising popularity of smart tech, using it to boost the value of your home makes sense when you’re trying to attract an increasingly tech savvy consumer base.



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