Free Online Safety Classes for Home Workers

THE BRITISH SAFETY Council has released free online training courses as workers move to work from home in response to Covid-19, the coronavirus.

As millions of workers in Britain set themselves up to work from home, they will be adjusting to a whole new way of working and preparing to miss the social contact of their workplace.

To support them the British Safety Council is offering courses for free until the middle of April.

The two courses are titled “Remote Workers’ Health Safety and Welfare” and “Mental Health: Start the Conversation” and are aimed at all employees.

There is another course for managers, titled “Managing Stress Within Your Team”

Requirements for employers

Employers are required to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees, including those who are working away from the office.

Chief executive of the British Safety Council, Mike Robinson, said: “Across Britain people are making big changes to their work routine and millions of people are working from home for the first time. This will mean quite an adjustment for lots of people. Working away from the office has implications for workers and managers.

“Even in normal times it’s important for peoples’ wellbeing to make sure they are connected to their colleagues and their work if they are not coming into the workplace – at a time of serious anxiety in the life of our country keeping an eye on your wellbeing and your colleagues’ wellbeing will be really important.

“It is our founding mission at the British Safety Council to ensure that nobody is injured or made ill through their work – and that includes people working from home in a national crisis. I hope by offering out our expertise for free with some accessible online courses people will see some real value.”

The courses can be accessed here 


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