From Building Sites to High End Art Galleries

AS A SCHOOL-LEAVER, Daniel Hooper served his time on building sites across Europe. Alongside qualifying as a carpenter, Daniel found himself using scraps of OSB board as ‘canvasses’ for his paintings.

He liked the unique aesthetics this unusual art material provided. The random textures of Norbord’s popular oriented strand board allow for a unique painted finish for every piece. Painting the SterlingOSB Zero was also a great way to recycle the traditional building material, which was an important consideration for Daniel.

He commented, “Whilst working on building sites across Europe, I regularly saw SterlingOSB Zero in builders’ merchants and I thought, ‘Someone should try painting on this’, and so I did. I was able to create something unique from a material that may have otherwise been thrown away. It really is a wonderful material. I have used the material many, many times in construction and, over the last three years, I have used it as a canvas for my artwork too. I did an entire exhibition with paintings on OSB and the first painting I ever sold was on SterlingOSB Zero.”

Daniel’s stunning artwork is available to buy from his website,



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