FTMRC Hold Annual Hard Metals Awards Online to Reward Excellence

THE FEDERATION OF Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) has announced the winners of its prestigious 2020 Hard Metals Awards event, this year held online.

Supported by sponsors, Metra Metals, Metal Solutions, V M Zinc and Associated Lead Mills Ltd (ALM) the awards involved all FTMRC members and associates across the UK and Europe viewing the lucky winners receiving their awards.

The Awards were presented in four categories: Commercial Roofing, Small Project, Cladding Project, and the Ian Harvey Architectural Award.

The FTMRC Chairman Christopher Salmon compered proceedings and award winners received a custom made trophy.

Small Project Award

Vijay Singh, Metal Solutions Southern Sales Manager, introduced the award and spoke about the company’s support for the FTMRC in its drive to increase industry standards.

Winner: Just Hard Metals Ltd Ravenswick Hall – Yorkshire
This Copper Dome Project is in the private gardens of a new build mansion in the Yorkshire Dales. The specification was for fish scale copper shingles to be installed to the dome in a limited time frame. Each piece was fabricated on site. Setting out and measuring each row had its difficulties but the contractor says it was a fantastic project to be involved with and demonstrated a wealth of skill in their installation team. Finished in Aurubis half hard mill.

Finalist: H L Metals Ltd for Usan Tower, Montrose
Usan North Sea Coast lookout tower is situated on a rocky headland between Montrose and Lunan Bay. The derelict tower built circa 1908 is a Listed Building and was in a very poor condition when it was purchased in 2012.
The original tower consisted of only two rooms, so to make even a very small practical house an extension was essential. To respect the scale of the existing tower it was important that the footprint of the new building was kept to a minimum. The solution is a modest, single story, extension sited alongside and connected to the two-story tower. The design consists of a contemporary, visually lightweight form of VM Zinc Quartz Roofing, VM Zinc Quartz Wall Cladding and fibre cement cladding, to contrast with the solidity of the slate roof and stone walls of the existing building. The site enjoys panoramic views over the sea, which inspired the remodelling of the chief officer’s lookout room as a bedroom and of the largely glazed living room of the extension.

Finalist: Salmon Solutions Ltd for The Beeches, Bromley
VM Zinc Anthra Interlocking cladding completed this residential extension. Working closely with the architect and client Salmon Solutions was able to deliver a contemporary facade using traditional craftsmanship. The project provides an impressive visual display using a dark coloured zinc for the cladding and a bright white rendering for the walls.

Ian Harvey – Architectural Award

Ian Harvey, FTMRC Chief Technical Officer and Ambassador for FTMRC – introduced the Award sponsored by Metra Metals Ltd praising the high standard of design and workmanship of all the entrants in this category.

Winner: H L Metals Ltd for The Invisible House, Isle of Skye
The architect’s brief for the Invisible House project at Colbost, in north-west Skye, was to replace an existing stone bothy with a new two-bedroomed house.
In its semi-ruinous state, the bothy was an eye-catching reference point by the roadside, in the otherwise empty stretch of rough crofting landscape. The architect suggested that the original bothy be restored and the new house built over the crest of the hill where the croft falls away dramatically to the eastern edge of Loch Dunvegan. H L Metals Ltd were involved from a very early stage in the design process.
The house is oriented towards the panoramic view over Loch Dunvegan and its islets, sitting easily in the topography of the croft. The main body of the house is a simple monopitch, hunched down against the elements with Aperam Ugitop 44 316 grade Stainless Steel Roof sheeting. As one moves in the landscape, the shimmering lifelike quality of the cladding is expressed and the reflected landscape results in a continuous changing form.

Finalist: All Metal Roofing Ltd for Islington Square, London
Completed for Galliard Homes, the principal building is an internal conversion of a magnificent Edwardian masterpiece with the façade and entire external structure retained and refurbished. Another hybrid building preserves the Edwardian exterior at ground level with new-build framing on upper levels.

Zinc roof: 1796m2 0.7mm VM Quartz Plus Standing seam fixed though the insulation into plywood deck with Theromoseam telescopic tubes.
Zinc Cladding: 2314m2 0.8mm VM Quartz standing seam.

Finalist: Peters Roofing Ltd for Launceston Place, London
This grade II listed house was formerly owned by Lord Snowdon. There are two canopies which were reinstated using 0.7 gauge natural VM Zinc with a veranda to the side balcony formed with 0.7 gauge natural zinc.

Both canopies and veranda are hollow and the zinc is supported in the traditional method, by the rafters with no substrate. When the copper was stripped off the main dome it was found that the rotted painted finial was in fact zinc and there were traces of zinc clips left on the existing substrate.

When built, the dome was originally zinc not copper. The dome was reinstated in the original material using 0.7 gauge zinc laid standing seam. The original finial shape was copied from a copper dome over the study, which was removed and taken back to Peters Roofing’s workshop where the detailing was copied.

With the exception of the rear canopy, not visible from the roadside and which is going to be left to patinise naturally, the front canopy, side veranda, and zinc dome were all treated with a saltwater solution 3-4 times to achieve the aged weather look.

Cladding Award

Michael Staff, Hard Metals Sales Manager at ALM endorsed the importance of quality and training for the industry before introducing and congratulating the finalists in this category.

Winner: ZINK IT (Norwich) Ltd for UEA, Norwich
The new science block at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, had 1600m2 of vertical zinc cladding installed using a welted shingles diamond set pattern. Design works by Zink.it around window reveals were supported on 1.2mm galvanized steel. Large horizontal cappings and chimney fume stack were installed at a high level.

Works were undertaken using MEWPS, and there was apprenticeship training onsite.

Finalist: Architectural Metal Roofing Ltd for Driftwood Project, Salcombe
Approximately 300m2 of roofing and 150m2 of vertical cladding was installed in standing seam VmZinc quartz strat.

The client wanted to avoid the project looking too ‘industrial’ so Architectural Metal Roofing suggested using random pattern panels and changed the material from a coated steel (Greencoat plx) to VM Zinc. All the panel seams line up from the walls over both roof pitches and down the opposite wall. Given the coastal location, Lindab box guttering and downpipes were installed. The soffits were in random widths and lengths but in a single lock detail.

Completed for Ardmore Construction, Ram Quarter is a major residential-led regeneration scheme in the heart of Wandsworth. The first phase of the development provided 338 apartments, a retail district, micro-brewery and museum within the iconic listed buildings that formed the Ram Brewery.

Zinc Roofing: 1200m2 using 0.7mm Rheinzink Blue Grey standing seam.
Zinc Cladding: 1227m2 using 0.8mm Rheinzink Blue Grey standing seam.
Copper Standing Seam Cladding: 1671m2 using 0.7mm Aurubis Nordic Green Living 1 standing seam at 400mm c/c.
Copper Cladding to 10J POD: 364m2 using 0.7mm Aurubis Nordic Green Living 1 Sinusoidal cladding in profile 104.

Commercial Roofing Award

Jonathan Lowy, Operational Marketing Manager for VM Zinc, introduced these awards and endorsed VM Zinc’s and FTMRC’s committment to continuing to raise standards through training.

Winner: Salmon Solutions Ltd for Carterhouse School, GOodalming
Founded in 1611, Charterhouse is one of the greatest historic public schools in England. Working closely with the architect, Design Engine and the Principal Contractor, Total Construction, Salmon Solutions delivered the picturesque and functional roofing and cladding to the new science and mathematics centre. VM Zinc and ALM contributed with cooperation and support throughout the project. A substantial order value exceeding £280,000 comprised of 1200m2 of roofing and cladding utilizing 13 different build-ups provides insight into the organisational and logistical demands to perform when tasked with a project of this nature.
Finished in VM Zinc Pigmento Brown Standing Seam.

Finalist: H L Metals Ltd for The Engine Shed, Stirling
The Engine Shed is in Forthside, an area that was in use as a private estate from the mid- 18th century. It latterly boasted a fine Georgian mansion and associated stables and outbuildings, but the expansion of the Scottish Central Railway cut off Forthside from Stirling in 1848.

The Ministry of Defence acquired the 40-acre site in the 1880s and the existing network of siding buildings was expanded. The Engine Shed was finished in VM Zinc Anthra ‘Plus’.

Finalist: Norman & Underwood Ltd for Lower Mountjoy, Durham
Lower Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre provides technologically enabled and future-proof teaching spaces in a collaborative and inspirational environment for learning. The dynamic roof profile not only delivers complexity and interest in the external form, it also creates a series of dramatic top-lit ceiling coffers to the upper level learning commons – a modern interpretation of the traditional reading room.

The pyramidal roofs are finished in traditional standing seamed zinc sheet to contrast with the tones of the brickwork below and respond appropriately to the conservation setting. This warm roof construction was finished in 0.7mm VM Zinc Quartz Plus standing seams.

Entries for the FTMRC Annual Hard Metals Awards 2021 are now open

All members of the FTMRC, as well as clients, architects and consultants that have recently used an FTMRC member can enter the 2021 FTMRC Hard Metals Awards.

Details of the project, together with high resolution photographs, should be emailed to info@ftmrc.co.uk.



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