Getting Up to Speed on Single Ply Roof Technology

E-learning module on desktop PC and mobile

THE SINGLE PLY Roofing Association (SPRA) is inviting roofers to test their knowledge of single ply roof technology for free using SPRA’s E-Learning and Assessment Module.

The Small Roofs Training Module will user’s knowledge and understanding of basic single ply roofing. SPRA asks users to register their details to start on the nine sections of this free assessment.When participants feel confident, they can take the Assessment Test at the end of each section.

Assessment Tests do not have to be taken in order, you can work in an order and at a pace that suits you.

Understanding single ply technology

Many people working in the single ply industry would benefit from a deeper understanding of the sector. Whether they work in sales, marketing, administration or more technical roles, such as site inspections, specifying and manufacturing. This is where the SPRA Design Guide and SPRA online Training and Assessment Module can be invaluable. Both are freely available and will improve knowledge, understanding and competency.

Want to find out more about SPRA?

View the Training and Assessment Module



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