Glidevale Protect Launches Fulmetal UniRoll Ventilated Ridge and Hip System with Unions

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BUILDING materials manufacturer Glidevale Protect has launched Fulmetal UniRoll, a new universal, dry fix ventilated ridge and hip system with unions.

Manufactured by Glidevale Protect in the UK, Fulmetal UniRoll protects and ventilates a roof ridge or hip with no need for ongoing maintenance and comes complete with unions for use between tiles.

As well as offering mortar-free, easy installation, it also provides long term weather resistance thanks to the ventilated roll’s robust, all aluminium construction. The system’s long-term durability overcomes potential issues with traditional fabric based roll ridge systems.

Fulmetal UniRoll complies with all relevant British Standards to offer market-leading performance.

Unique Hooded Ventilation 

The product’s unique hooded ventilation design delivers completely uninterrupted airflow which allows the roof to breathe and ensure condensation control, in full adherence to BS 5250 and the requirements for a dwelling sized pitched roof, achieving a continuous 5,000mm²/m area of ventilation.

It is also fully compliant with BS 8612 for dry fixed ridge and hip systems and BS 5534 for slating and tiling – providing wind uplift and water penetration resistance. Moreover, it is suitable for unrestricted use across the UK and Ireland in wind zones 1-5.

Complete Solution

Working hand in hand with Glidevale Protect vapour permeable pitched roofing underlays, Fulmetal UniRoll offers a complete cold roof ventilation solution and long-lasting protection from the elements.

Compatible with most types of tiles, including half round, angled and other types of universal ridge tiles, installation is quick and easy with the aluminium easy to form over different tile profiles, creating a natural ventilation path without raising the ridge.

Find out more about Fulmetal UniRoll on the Glidevale Protect website, email or call +44 (0)161 905 5700.

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