Gradient CPD Highlights Principles and Benefits of Tapered Roof Insulation

Man viewing Tapered Roof Insulation CPD on screen

INSULATING SPECIALIST, Gradient, has created a CPD-style presentation aimed at providing architects and roofing contractors with an understanding of the principles behind tapered roof insulation.

The ‘Specifying Tapered Roof Insulation’ presentation includes an in-depth look at how this insulation works and why it is required, as well as highlighting the different systems currently available on the market. It also considers some of the innovations that have elevated tapered roof insulation to new levels of performance.

One of the main benefits of tapered insulation is its ability to reduce the risk of standing water on a roof by allowing appropriate channelling to drainage outlets. This decreases the potential for leaks and negates the need for a structural fall which in-turn, helps minimise the roof’s overall cost and installation time.

With 35 years’ industry experience, Gradient is known for its flat and tapered roof expertise. The company works closely with customers on the design and manufacture of  insulation systems that can be individually tailored to suit a range of roofing applications.

Tapered Roof Insulation Specification

Paul Griffiths, Business Development Director at Gradient said: “This presentation was devised by our technical team as an industry aid to give clear, practical guidance on tapered roof insulation specification. When correctly specified and installed as part of a roof’s waterproofing build-up, this insulation will ensure regulation thermal targets are met, thus addressing the industry-wide issue of properties falling short of as-designed performance.”

A selection of case studies is included in the online presentation. These demonstrate how Gradient’s bespoke-designed systems provide a successful, sustainable solution for new-build and refurbishment applications across domestic and commercial building projects. Paul Griffiths said engaging with an expert remained a prerequisite to correct specification and a system’s long-term performance.

“Getting the specification and installation process right first time is crucial to offsetting issues which can be costly and time consuming to put right. Placing the insulation process – from start to finish – into the hands of highly-experienced and skilled professionals not only maximises control standards in roof design, manufacture, performance and sustainability, it results in a better-conceived flat roof that is improved in value, performance and complies with all relevant legislative standards.”

Book a place at one of the ‘Specifying Tapered Roof Insulation’ online sessions. The sessions will be held at 10am each Tuesday and Thursday from Tuesday, 19th January, to Thursday, 11th March, 2021.

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