Green Oak Rules the Waves

Hearts of oak are our ships…..& more and more, green oak is becoming the natural choice for those wishing to enhance their homes.

Oak was used when the earliest Royal Navy ships ruled the waves. Figures show that in 1707 there were just 12,476 oak trees left suitable for shipbuilding, compared with 123,927 a century before. Now there are sustainable plantations, as oak is becoming one of the ecologically sound materials for attractive modern home construction.

Helen Flavell had the perfect brief when she approached bespoke oak framing specialists Living Oak encouraged by their promise of “a building which will stir your emotions from the first time you enter.”

Light and warm home
When Helen wanted to extend her 16th Century cottage, Living Oak designed the oak frame to form the main structure of the new space using 31 tonnes of green oak. The outcome was a magnificent 240sqm of additional space. The character and feel of the cottage blended smoothly into a state of the art extension providing a light and warm home fit for the 21st Century.

If the Royal Navy’s hearts of oak are anything to go by, Helen’s green oak masterpiece should be with us for many centuries.

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