Hambleside Danelaw Open for Business to Support Roofers

FOR THE CONSTRUCTION industry, a second lockdown is seeing a further surge in home improvements, with almost one fifth of homeowners planning to begin projects, according to research.

Alongside the onset of colder weather, which can lead to an increase of insulation installation and exterior roof refurbishment, it is important not to forget the crucial part that ventilation plays in keeping roofs internally protected against varying temperatures.

“With people spending more time at home, and often needing to create a workspace, they are becoming more aware of elements of their home that need addressing. Temperatures falling and record levels of rainfall this autumn will also combine to make them aware of problems with the roof,” says Ann Leeson, Hambleside Danelaw Marketing Manager.

“The research indicates that 15% of tradespeople – including roofing contractors – are reporting a massive increase in client demand. This is backed up by figures from UK construction indexes. It is set to be a busy year end for roofing contractors: personally we are experiencing business activity exceeding pre-COVID levels.”

New pocket guide

Many of the Danelaw range of roof ventilation components are particularly suited, and even specifically developed, for refurbishment projects. In order to support roofers and enable them to quickly select the most appropriate solutions for each project, Danelaw has published a new pocket guide for roofing and ventilation products.

In addition, featuring the latest roofing innovations launched this year- InVerg and MONO6+dry fix complete systems- the Roofing & Ventilation Product Guide incorporates a quick-reference compatibility chart to validate which interlocking dry verges, slate and tile vents are suited to which roof covering, even through to the detail of batten gauges.

Open for business

“No two roofs are the same: there will be design variations, how they have weathered and how they have been maintained” says Ann Leeson. “The Danelaw product guide offers a great source of product information. This ensures accuracy from the earliest stage of product specification, whether for a new build, refurbishment or extension. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, with unrivalled knowledge of our industry and the products used day to day. If roofers have any concerns or simply want to find out more, we remain open for business. So they can just pick up the phone or email for the technical support they need and we will be happy to assist.”

The new product guide can be downloaded free of charge here.

Full details of the entire Danelaw product range, plus technical guidance, stockists, and FAQs can be found on the main website here.



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