Your Say on Public Procurement Standard

A NEW DRAFT standard for public comment – BS 9009:2019 DPC Public Sector Procurement – generic requirements for organizations providing products and services, has been issued by BSI, the business standards company.

The standard has been issued to help combat the adverse reputation of procurement processes and supply chains in the public sector built up over a number of years. The main  concern, according to BSI, is the perceived inequality of competition within, what is seen as, an environment of favouring a known supplier, and where the cheapest option regularly wins over tenders offering best value for money or quality.

It is believed that this concern has had a knock-on effect on many new or smaller organizations attempting to enter the public procurement supply chain today because of the actual or perceived complexity of the tender process and its blanket requirements.

With this in mind, views are being sought from industry practitioners, procurement specialists, local and central government authorities, business and consumer organizations.

The BSI standard strives to provide a framework that guides those in the procurement process to demonstrate or assess the trustworthiness, transparency and ethical practice of organizations in the tendering process for procuring public sector contracts. It also aims to simplify the process, reduce bureaucracy, ensure due diligence and provide assurance that fairness prevails in the awarding of contracts.

Anne Hayes, Head of Governance and Resilience at BSI

Anne Hayes, Head of Governance and Resilience at BSI, said: “It is not unreasonable to believe that if you meet the criteria and can deliver the products or services as required and to deadline that you stand a chance of being considered with your tender. This standard specifies the criteria to enable organizations, regardless of size, to demonstrate their suitability and ability to meet the requirements of the contracting authority”.

BS 9009 is aimed at organizations contracting out provision of products and services to external providers and for organizations acting as external providers. The consultation is open until 4 April 2019 and comments can be submitted online here. 



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