First Ever Amber Extreme Heat Warning Issued for UK areas

Heat Warning

THE MET OFFICE has issued its first ever Amber Extreme Heat Warning for large areas of the UK this week.

The Extreme Heat Warning, which is issued with public health partners covers a large part of Wales, all of southwest England and parts of southern and central England. The amber warning will be in force until the end of Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to climb early this week, possibly reaching 330C in some western areas, but widely high in the 20s and low 30s elsewhere.

For roofers, exposed to the sun if working on a roof, temperatures in their working area can reach up to 500C.

Heat Warning

Roofing employers are advised to protect their employees in the heat by:

  • Allowing operatives to take frequent breaks and provide a supply of drinking water.
  • Reviewing working times so that outside work is done in the morning and afternoon, rather than between 11am-3pm when temperatures are highest.
  • Providing canopies or covering over open areas on construction sites to provide shaded areas for working and taking breaks.
  • Ensuring that outdoor workers are supplied with sunscreen and are given advice on the need to protect themselves from the heat and sun.
  • Providing lightweight brimmed hats for all outdoor workers and making sure that any protective clothing is lightweight, long-sleeved and comfortable, but dense enough to prevent UV rays from getting through.
  • Providing information on avoiding exposure to harmful UV radiation, ensuring that advice is available in other languages when required.

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