Heritage Market Building gets AH-25 Waterproofing Treatment to Restore Civic Pride

Plymouth Market, an important local shopping facility, is housed in a tall Grade II listed concrete building with a distinctive curved shell formation for its main roof.

The building replaced the previous market structure destroyed in World War II bombing and is included on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural and Historical Interest.

Over the years, the roof membrane had deteriorated with multiple leaks emerging. Repairs were challenging because of the need to maintain “business as usual” for market traders.

Working with SIG Design & Technology, roofing contractors Clegg & Shortman used liquid waterproofing system Hydrostop AH-25. This is a one component product which is very low in odour, fast-curing and fully reinforced with polyester fabric.

It can be applied under practically any conditions – even as low as the 0˚C temperatures experienced during the winter of the refurbishment.

The roofing team dealt with difficult access due to the building’s elevation and steep slopes of the roofing shell waves, which contrasted with the flat roofing where they had previously used the product. AH-25 presents no COSHH or disposal issues. As the liquid is non-solvent based, it is very low in odour, which meant no impact on the market’s trading operations.



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