How Bond It’s Roof Seal Can Help Your Roof

Roof Seal

WHEN ROB COOPER, a homeowner who is 82 years of age, was quoted over £2,000 to overcoat an existing roof, he balked at the cost. With the help of Bond It’s Seal It One Coat Roof Seal, he managed to complete the project himself and for a fraction of the price.

“The instructions were easy to follow and it all went down like a dream.” said Rob.

“I completed the whole job in just one day, and the finish looks professional. I’m so impressed!”

The Problem

The existing flat roof had previously been covered with two layers of standard roofing felt and a cover of solar reflective paint. Over eight years, the roof had started to deteriorate and flake off due to weather exposure.

The Roof Seal It Solution

Four tins of 5L Seal It in grey and one tin of 2.5L primer were used to completely cover the 16m2 of flat roofing. Primer was applied to the surface first by lambswool roller, once the roof was cleared of debris and moss. Then the membrane was applied at 1mm thickness in one coat using a standard squeegee to completely cover the surface.

The Saving

The new covering will help reduce energy costs (it’s 11.3% more efficient than solar reflective paint), whilst offering thermal properties for colder months. Seal It has a material warranty for 25 Years and will resist UV radiation, ageing, and will not crack or split.


The installation was completed without any problems and in good time.

The product was applied on a dry November day with air temp of 11oC. The whole job was completed in one day. Heavy rain started about 10 hours after the installation, but the Seal It Membrane had cured and bonded to the substrate and was completely unaffected.

The existing felt overlap in the centre of the roof was covered seamlessly.



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