How Can you Stop your Conservatory Being too Hot in the Summer?

CONSERVATORIES are amazing to relax in over the summer, but they can get very hot very quickly. The problem is that the material that conservatories are made of can quickly turn your relaxing home extension into a heat trap, and that makes it more like trying to relax in a greenhouse than in a comfy room. If you want to avoid a clammy, sweltering ambience in your conservatory, there are some quick and easy tips to ensure that you get the cool, perfect space to really relax in, and get the maximum benefit from your conservatory no matter how hot the British summer gets.

Install Blinds
Not only can blinds in your conservatory look very stylish, but they can also help to keep you feeling a lot cooler. Blinds are easy to fit, and they mean that you have much greater control over the amount of sun glare that you let into your room. They also have the added benefit of keeping your conservatory warmer in winter too. The best thing about blinds in a conservatory is that you have a massive variety of styles, colours, and themes to choose from, and you’re really only limited by your budget and your imagination.

Open Up
It might seem obvious, but it’s important that you open some of your conservatory windows regularly. Not only will it help to keep air flowing more easily around your conservatory, but it also means that you get that fresh air benefit too. If it’s an especially hot day, then you might also want to crack the door open as well, although it’s important to remember to check that you have closed and locked your doors and windows if you’re leaving the house. Summer can bring out the worst elements of society, and an open window might be great for airflow, but it’s also great for burglars.

Insulation Installation
Conservatory insulation is becoming more important than ever. Not only does insulation help to keep a room cooler, but it can also reduce sun glare and prevent your conservatory furniture from fading too. Of course, the best thing about insulation is that you also get far more control over your energy bills, so take a look at the potential options from so that you can enjoy your extra room no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Air Con
This is one of the most effective methods for tackling excessive heat, but it’s not cheap. You can expect to pay thousands of pounds to install a quality air-con unit. However, it might be worth the cost if you have the budget. You’ll have total control over your conservatory temperature, so from the hottest summer to the coldest winter, you won’t ever have to miss out on using your space however you please.

Far too many people feel that they have to abandon the conservatory when the summer gets too much, but these tips can transform your room and make it a little oasis of calm no matter what the weather might be doing. The unpredictable British climate can often take us by surprise, but with a little preparation, you could be using your conservatory much more often.



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