How to Help your Customers Pick the Right Roofing Materials for their Property

Grant Findley of Findley Roofing and Building discusses the benefits of making sure you give your customers choice and delivery what they expect.

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM most homeowners face in having their roof repaired or replaced is choosing the right contractor. Well, that and handing over a little cash from their bank account, of course. However, given that they’ve already chosen you to take care of the work – that’s a case of “problem solved”, right?

Not quite. As you’ll well know, particularly when it comes to new roof installations, budget, expectations and even misunderstandings can all play their part in what the end product will be. Here are some useful tips for guiding your customers through the process.

Cost, longevity and eco-efficiency

Not so long ago, what the project would cost, and how little maintenance it would require for the next few decades, would be enough. However, as more and more people become engaged with sustainability and opt for more eco-friendly products elsewhere, even smaller businesses should really be looking to prove that they recognise its importance.

Thankfully, for a roofer, this isn’t too hard to discuss. As many modern roofing materials come with minimal environmental impact, it’s worth highlighting the ‘greener’ options, where appropriate, alongside the classics of cost and maintenance over time. If there’s any lingering scepticism that installing a new roof is actually not a great thing for the planet – let them know the happy truth.

Present options, not solutions

Naturally, you’ll know, probably without even seeing the property first, what sort of materials will work, what is impractical and what is just not possible. Nonetheless, rather than heading straight for the finish line and explaining the situation and its indisputable resolution, you should give the customer a little leeway in what they can choose.

So, if you’ve got a portfolio of work handy, let them visualise as many available options as possible. This will also give you the opportunity to explain why a particular material isn’t suitable, should they enquire about it.

If you can also offer finance for the project, like Findley’s roofers in Chester-le-Street do via Barclays Partner Finance, this also presents the customer with additional choices to consider. To keep things simple at your end, remember the title of this article by the Insights Association: “Consumers want choices – just not too many.”

Don’t get too technical

If you’ve ever been midway through a conversation with someone and then suddenly realised you have no idea what they’re talking about – don’t let that happen to your customer. When explaining key features and benefits, look out for those little signs that the customer has lost the thread of the conversation – if they do, you may also lose a sale.

The key themes running through each of these points relate to helping your customer to make a choice. In the majority of instances, the result will be exactly what you expect. However, the important thing here is that it will also be what they expect. So, later, if there are any awkward questions about why a decision was made or a material used, you’ll know – and be able to remind them – exactly why this choice was not just made but also agreed.



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