All Change in Independent Builders Merchants Group Leadership

Allun Pittingale IBMG

INDEPENDENT BUIDLERS MERCHANTS GROUP (IBMG) has announced a series of changes in its leadership, starting with Allun Pittingale, who is appointed Group Managing Director.

Alun takes over from current Chief Executive, Andrew Cope, who will remain as Business Development Director of the Group in charge of acquisitions and greenfield sites.

Meanwhile, Danny Spokes is promoted to be managing director of Chandlers Roofing Supplies and Trevor Mudd is leading Stamco Timber also as managing director.

IBMG Integration

Andrew Cope took over as CEO of IBMG in late 2019 following the acquisition of Chandlers Building Supplies. He led the integration of the Parkers, Chandlers, Fairalls and Stamco Timber businesses to create the IBMG across the South East of England.

Allun Pittingale, a seasoned leader in merchanting, joined IBMG as part of a planned succession in May 2020 from Travis Perkins where he was Regional Managing Director for the South East, following a career in independent merchanting. He has had a significant impact in his role as MD of IBMG’s Builders Merchants Division working hand in hand with Andrew over this period. With the integration largely complete and IBMG the high-performing business it is today, Andrew has decided now is the right time to hand over the day to day leadership of the Group.

Danny Spokes has been responsible for significant growth in Chandlers Roofing Supplies and is appointed Managing Director.

Trevor Mudd has similarly built Stamco Timber and is promoted to Managing Director of IBMG’s Timber division.

“Andrew has done an outstanding job bringing together four brands with 39 branches across the south east, implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and establishing a high performance, high customer service culture,” said Fiona Perrin, IBMG Chairman.

“I can’t thank him enough for his leadership and steady hand and look forward to a future pipeline of acquisitions joining our Group in his new part-time role.

“Having worked with Allun Pittingale over the last year, we have seen his ability to lead colleagues to even better standards of service in our builders’ merchants division. His promotion to lead our group is very well-deserved. Allun loves being a leader in independent merchanting and colleagues love working with him – I look forward to him achieving great things.”

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