Imagine … Being the Roofer to Millionaires

Eclipse Roofing and Waterproofing Ltd signed off on the roof of a very special project earlier this year, which has just been put on the market for £7.25million.

The house redevelopment project, on Panorama Road in Sandbanks, Dorset, reportedly one of the most desirable roads in the world, was originally bought by John Lennon for his beloved aunt Mimi, costing £25,000 in 1965. At that time, the property, called Harbour’s Edge, was a modest bungalow situated on the Sandbanks waterfront, overlooking Poole’s harbour.

Sold in 1992, the bungalow was subsequently replaced with a detached house. Now redeveloped by Serene Projects Ltd with no expense spared and to the highest specifications, the 5,700sq/ft property – renamed ‘Imagine’ – is on the property market, targeted at London’s multi-millionaires.

Poole-based, Eclipse Roofing was contracted to install the multi-level roofs of the new property at the end of 2016.

Shane Young, Director of Eclipse Roofing explains, “The client wanted a robust system that looked the part and would perform to their demanding standards. We do a lot of Soprema installations and have developed a good reputation for that sort of work.”

Eclipse Roofing, employing six roofers, is a growing business that has built its name over the last five years on dependably good workmanship, robust systems and the warranty offered by Soprema roofing systems. Shane said they were delighted to win the £25,000 roofing contract, which took two months to complete.

The roof was a demanding mixture of warm and cold constructions across three levels. The highest main roof is a bituminous warm roof using Soprema’s Optima system. For the lower levels, including a terrace roof, Soprema’s Alsan 770 PMMA liquid resin was installed.

“The Alsan PMMA roofs had to be absolutely spot on,” Shane explains. “Because all these roof areas are overlooked by every window in the house, the client, rightly, wanted each area to be pleasing to the eye and we focused on creating a flawless, continuous finish.”

Shane worked with Soprema on exactly matching the Alsan PMMA resin colour to the same RAL colour used in the window frames. The challenge then was working swiftly to get the roof detailing right before the product started curing.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing. The seaside location meant that on some days the fog descended and was so thick the roofers couldn’t see their hands. The coastal setting also meant that Shane and his team were attacked by the local gull population.

“It was gull mating season when we started on the job”, says Shane. “The birds were defending their territory and constantly swooped down on us – no joke when your 30 foot up on a roof. Neighbouring locals said it was a regular occurrence and the client told us there used to be a big grey model owl standing guard on the roof to deter the gulls. As soon as we got the owl back in place on the roof the gulls stayed away!”

Notwithstanding the local wildlife, the project was finished on time and to the highest standards – so much so that it was a finalist in the Small-Scale Project category of this year’s NFRC UK Roofing Awards.

“I was absolutely thrilled that we were finalists”, comments Shane. “We were delighted to be at the Awards representing the company and the team. To get recognised for our workmanship was very satisfying”.

Now Eclipse Roofing are just coming to the end of two more multi-million contemporary house developments, one up the road in Sandbanks, and another ‘James Bond style’ £3.5 million project in Avoncastle, Ringwood, that will be entered into the 2019 UK Roofing Awards.

Eclipse Roofing are fast gaining a reputation as roofers to the wealthy in the area. So, what does Shane think of ‘Imagine’ being placed on the market at £7.5 million?

“It’s got to be the most expensive view in the UK!” he says.

“But it’s worth it, the property is stunning. Every level has an got an amazing view and when you go inside and see the finished project it is literally breath-taking. I’m very proud to have been part of its construction,” Shane concludes.



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