Instagram’s Top Construction and Property Influencers Revealed

INSTAGRAM’S TOP PROPERTY and construction influencers for sponsored posts have been revealed with DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles coming out on top.

Knowles earns an average of £1,122 per sponsored post on the platform, with Kirsty Alsopp making an average of £534 per sponsored post.

TV Architect George Clarke is third on the list, earning an average of £339 per sponsored post.

Meanwhile at the other end of the list gathered by using Influencer Marketing Hub, Alsopp’s Location Location Location co-host Phil Spencer receives £94 per sponsored post.

‘Grand Designs’ presenter Kevin McCloud received £71.00 per sponsored Instagram post.

Marketing potential

A statement from Sell House Fast read: “Property shows have been a staple of TV for years and more often than not, spearheaded by an insightful as well as energetic personality or two to present the show.

“Without them at the helm, the show would truly not feel the same. Could you imagine ‘Grand Designs’ without Kevin McCloud or ‘DIY SOS’ without Nick Knowles?

“Such is there likeability, people are keen to follow these presenters on social media to gain a look at what they are up to when away from the TV cameras.

“Brands realise the huge attention these property TV personalities get and in turn offer them generous financial incentives to promote their product and/or services.”



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