Institute of Roofing Invites All to Traditional Clay Tiles CPD

THE INSTITUTE OF ROOFING is inviting all those interested to its next regional event in the West Midlands.

A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentation of traditional clay roof tiles, followed by a factory tour, is taking place at Dreadnought Tiles’ premises on Tuesday the 26th November, 10.00am-12:30pm.

Dreadnought Tiles is a family-owned manufacturer of traditional clay roof tiles which was established in 1805.

Dreadnought clay tiles are well-known in the heritage roofing sector. Tile colour is generated by controlling the kiln atmosphere, and without the use of surface pigments, stains or coloured sands. This not only means the colour of a Dreadnought tile is unique, and cannot be matched with artificial colours, but that it is will endure for the lifetime of the tile, as the colour is fired into the body rather than applied as a surface coating.

Those attending the CPD morning will learn now Dreadnought blend the latest technology with over 200 years of traditional craft to create their tiles.

CPD Morning Schedule

10.00 Registration & Tea and Coffee

10.15 Chair’s welcome & IOR Matters

10.30 Technical CPD by Dreadnought Tiles

11.00: Factory Tour

11.50 Questions and close of meeting.

12.00 Buffet Lunch


Registration to attend is now open and a limited number of places are allocated, on a first come first served applicant basis.

Register for the event here:

CPD location: Dreadnought Tiles, Dreadnought Works, Pensnett, Brierley Hill, West Midlands DY5 4TH



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