InVerg: The New Roofing Solution – Available Now

HAMBLESIDE DANELAW HAS always conducted extensive research, design and testing to provide the best dry-fix solutions to roofers and housebuilders alike, in order to ensure efficient roof weatherproofing and confidence in durability.

Continuing this reputation of innovation and exceptional quality of product, Hambleside Danelaw has done it again, launching InVerg, a game-changing dry-fix solution to the plain tile market.

InVerg is a patented* never-before-seen, interlocking dry-verge system, suitable for most machine-made single and double cambered clay and concrete plain tile types.


The verge units consist of two blades that slot in-between the corresponding course of plain tiles, preventing weather ingress and carrying out any excess water and debris down the channels and out at the eaves, minimising staining of the verge and gable end.

“The InVerg design allows for a streamlined outer appearance of the verge units; with a stepped edge and smooth lap joints. The verge units rest discretely in line with the edge and course of the tiles,” says Paul Lambert, Field Technical Support.


A complete installation video will be available soon on the InVerg product page here.

Two components

The unique system includes two distinctive components, the InVerg units and the Eaves Bracket, designed exclusively to securely start the system from the eaves.


The verge is made from UV stabilised polypropylene, will not warp at roof temperature, is BS EN 8612 compliant in wind zones 1-5, and has a 15 years service life guarantee. Available in a range of tile-suited colours, InVerg is the perfect choice for housing developments that specify plain tile roofs.

“InVerg is a revolutionary product, it is the latest innovation in the evolution of
forward-thinking roofing solutions – that’s the Danelaw difference,” comments Ariana Bryant, Hambleside Danelaw Marketing Executive.

*Patent Pending GB1911327.3

For more information, the InVerg Hambleside Danelaw website is here


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