Irish Contractor Goes Under Thanks to Carillion

Miceál Sammon

Irish company Sammon Group, which employed around 200 people in County Kildare, is the second contractor to go into liquidation due to the breakdown of Carillion.

The Company was owed €8m by Carillion for work on a schools public-private partnership (PPP).

Its chief executive Miceál Sammon said the collapse in January of Carillion, and the resulting suspension of work on projects, had placed the company in “a perfect storm.”

The 30-year-old company had revenues of €72m in 2016.

The first company to be pulled under by Carillion was UK M&E specialist Vaughan Engineering Ltd, which went into administration in March, owed at least £600,000. The 50-year-old company had employed 150 people.

In April Sammon was placed under court protection (“examinership”, in Ireland) in an effort to save the company, but yesterday the examiner made a High Court petition to have the company wound up. Grant Thornton will act as liquidator.

Miceál Sammon, who founded the company, told Irish media that it was “a painful and distressing time for everyone who worked in the business”.

“We are devastated by the impact that this development has on everyone associated with our company – both personally and professionally,” he said.

Sammon was building five schools in Ireland for a PPP joint venture that included Carillion.



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