Kingspan Has ‘Full Confidence’ in K15 Insulation used in Cladding Systems

insulation board in cladding system diagram

KINGSPAN REPORTS that after an extensive testing and review process it has full confidence in the safety of K15, the insulation used on the cladding of Grenfell Tower.

The company says the insulation is safe when used in a compliant system that has successfully been tested to the BS 8414 standard.

Explaining in its 2020 Financial Report, Kingspan states it has completed 15 BS 8414 large-scale system fire tests using cladding systems incorporating current K15 that have successfully met the relevant criteria set by BR 135. The testing and review process includes repeating the three withdrawn tests and validating the original claims with current K15, marketed as ‘Kooltherm’.

Cladding System testing

The testing programme, which is ongoing, supports the retention of K15 insulation in existing cladding systems on high rise buildings, says the company.

Retention of K15 in cladding systems is on the proviso that they meet current UK Government guidance where:

  • the system is correctly installed and has passed a full-scale BS 8414 fire test; or
  • there is a technically robust desktop study in place based on accurate test data; or
  • a fire engineering assessment was completed on the building on which the system was installed.


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