Kingspan Kaptures Daylight for Longer

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Kingspan Light + Air are helping buildings to achieve more hours of daylight with the launch of Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture- a precision engineered rooflight with outstanding light diffusion.

At the heart of Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture is an advanced, nano-prismatic layer which uses microscopic structures to efficiently scatter light. This innovative design helps to reduce light reflection when compared with conventional pigmented diffusion approaches, ensuring excellent levels of light transmission.

The product’s contoured form is comprised from three overlapping spherical domes. The unique shape allows light to be captured at low sun angles — illuminating internal spaces during early morning and late evening — and performs equally well in any orientation. It also helps to transfer loads, such as snow, to the side of the rooflights.

Kingspan Light + Air understand each building is different, and through its advanced research and development facilities, the firm can adapt and tailor Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture units to each project’s unique requirements. Options include an enhanced outer UV resistant layer to include IR blocking particles, providing additional protection for properties at risk of significant solar gains, and dual nano-prismatic layers for even greater diffusion.

Expert design team
To maximise the energy and cost savings that can be achieved in each application, Kingspan Light + Air also manufacture and supply low energy lighting with optional daylight harvesting sensors which dynamically react to lighting demand. The firms expert design team generate detailed reports for each project, creating 3D models of the building and applying local climate data to identify the optimal solution and layout. These comprehensive documents provide a clear indication of the expected performance and cost benefits from installing the Kingspan Light + Air solution including expected energy savings, carbon reduction, pay-back period and the total return on investment over a ten year period.

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