LAMILUX Reveal Improved High Performance Skylights

Our new Glass Rooflight F100 SG, certified in Structural Glazing, is the innovative next generation of the successful flat roof skylight from LAMILUX.

Featuring a flush glass to frame edge detail both internally and externally, the Glass Rooflight F100 SG boasts not only a visually appealing seamless design, but also ensures rainwater can run-off easily without leaving any dirty edges or water ponding.

Maximum energy efficiency
The Glass Rooflight F100 SG offers high levels of wind and rain resistance and has enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction. This results in no condensation whilst achieving maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation alongside excellent air tightness values.

This is the first general-building-approved flat roof window in “structural glazing” construction – certified by the German Institute for Construction Technology in Berlin (DIBt).

Offering variety and ease, the flat roof window is delivered completely pre-assembled on the fully insulated upstand, therefore offering a very quick and simple installation. It is available in a range of sizes and can be ordered either fixed, opening for ventilation or as an EN 12101-2 certified smoke and heat exhaust skylight.

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