Langley Waterproofing Systems Awarded Most Considerate Supplier 2020

LANGLEY WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS has been nationally recognised as the Most Considerate Supplier as part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s 2020 National Company and Supplier Awards, achieving the highest award category.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) National Company and Supplier Awards aims to raise standards in the construction industry by recognising the highest-performing CCS-registered companies and suppliers across the UK and Ireland, based on their performance against the scheme’s ‘Code of Considerate Practice’.

Companies and suppliers are monitored and only the highest-performing construction companies that have demonstrated excellence in relation to the community, the environment and their workforce are recognised by the scheme with a National Award.

Incredible commitment

To win the ‘2020 Most Considerate Supplier Award’ the Scheme’s Monitor found that Langley demonstrated incredible commitment to the Scheme with its values embedded at all levels of the business. It was noted particular recognition for exceptional awareness of its environmental impact. As well as commitment to reducing the industry’s skills gap with a wide range of training. With specific emphasis on the supplier’s award winning ‘Waterproof Membranes Installer’ Apprenticeship Standard offering, as part of the Government-backed Trailblazer Scheme.

Nicola Jeffries, Head of Administration at Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to win the 2020 Most Considerate Supplier Award, particularly as the accolade follows independent assessment and auditing. We are therefore delighted that our hard work and dedication to improving the construction industry’s image has been recognised by this prestigious scheme.

“The CCS code of practice underpins everything we do to ensure our continuing high standards and driving positive behaviour across the industry. We believe that businesses participating in the scheme can collectively lead national change by making improvements to industry practices and thereby improving the image of construction as a whole.”


Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive, Amanda Long, said: “Congratulations to each of this year’s National Company and Supplier Award winners with special congratulations to the 2020 Most Considerate Company award winners and the winner of the Most Considerate Supplier.

“The dedication and commitment these CCS award-winning companies and suppliers have shown underlines the important impact that the CCS has on helping to drive positive behaviour change in being a considerate constructor to the local communities, the environment and the workforce.

“Improvements in considerate standards year-on-year are very important in order to create and drive better behaviours and achieve higher standards. We look forward to an even higher performance being achieved in the future.”

To read more on Langley’s ‘considerate’ contributions to the construction industry, visit the website here or for more information on the services Langley provides, click here. 



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