Launch of New ‘Skylight Company’ Website Sees New Line of Rooflights and Skylights

THE SKYLIGHT COMPANY– Launched back in 2012 the company website saw a large range of Rooflight products, generally aimed at the Flat Roof market, including Roof Domes, Roof Lanterns and the increasingly popular Flat Glass Rooflight. The popular website was sold in November 2018 to the market leader in Firestone EPDM, Permaroof UK LTD. This saw a dramatic change not only to the website layout itself, but the products in which they now supply.

Roof Domes

The website was a popular choice for homeowners and tradesmen alike for the supply of Roof Domes (Dome Skylights). The company solely supplied Whitesales products but have now added the whole range of Mardome (Brett Martin) products.

SkyPod Roof Lantern

Roof Lanterns in 2019 are making a great comeback, with manufacturers creating slimmer, more contemporary designs. The SkyPod, supplied by The Skylight Company, offers all the popular colour finishes along with its slim-line design and great performance.

Adrian Buttress, Company owner of Permaroof UK LTD says: “We wanted to really hit the Rooflight market in 2019, with launching our own Flat Glass Rooflight (Permaroof Glass Edge Skylight) as well as introducing some well established brands to our shop. We saw an increase this year in sales of Roof Lanterns, so we searched the market and found the SkyPod fits everything we wanted to offer, stunning visuals, great performance, fast delivery and ultimately, low cost!”

Adrian adds, “But we don’t want to be like some other companies and just flood our site with hundreds of choices, we are carefully picking our manufacturers to make sure customers get the best product from all aspects.”

Roof Windows

As well as adding to their range of Flat Roof Rooflights, they have added both industry leaders in Roof Windows, FAKRO Roof Windows and VELUX has been added to their line of products. Currently, a range of the most popular windows has been added online, but they plan to add to this!

The Skylight Company is also currently in discussion with Sunsquare and is looking to supply the newly launched IKON Rooflights which Roofing Today has just recently published an article for – however, this has yet to be confirmed.

For more information about The Skylight Company’s Rooflights range, call 01773 441952 or email: You can also visit the website here. 



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