LCB Roofing Reflects on Keylite Roof Windows’ Support

AS THE ROOFING department at Leeds College of Building (LCB) winds down for the end of the term before taking a well-deserved break, roofing lecturers Chris Messenger and Dave Mallory have been reflecting on the year’s successes and the support they have received from industry that has contributed to the department’s triumphs.

Keylite particularly stand out in the year’s reckoning, with the company contributing its roof window products and flashing kits to the LCB department, allowing students to learn and perfect best practice installation techniques in preparation for the real life work they will come across as fully qualified roofing professionals.

Just as valuable, Keylite also generously provided several networking and learning experiences, including a roof window CPD, a factory tour and, most recently, an exciting tour of Keylite’s brand new, multi-million-pound Distribution Centre.

Here, students heard from each Keylite Team Manager responsible for Credit Control, Internal Sales, After Sales, Warehouse Distribution, and Technical functions to gain an understanding of all the operations that go into making sure Keylite Roof Windows reach customers in perfect condition and on time.

Chris Messenger commented, “We are so grateful for the support Keylite has shown us here at LCB Roofing Department over many years, both in practical supplies and educational visits that really help to extend our students’ knowledge of the industry and make roofing an attractive and interesting training for them.”

Speaking of their recent Keylite Distribution Centre visit, Chris added: “I was overwhelmed by the complex delivery of the day-to-day running of this massive company. Students saw at first-hand just how much goes into supplying a Keylite roof window and they were truly impressed.

“I’m particularly pleased that Keylite want to support roof window training to ensure correct installation and that there are plans for them to use LCB as a training hub in the near future for roof window installation training for roofers across the industry.”

Keylite’s Senior Marketing Manager, Dawn McCord, said: “LCB’s scheme has given apprentices hands on experience with Keylite products where students get to feel the benefits of Keylite for themselves. Students gain experience of installing roof windows and also experience Keylite’s unique installation features for themselves. These include Keylite’s unique Flick Fit brackets, enabling the installer to get the window from box to roof in under 2 minutes, Sash Finger Springs which enables the window to be refitted into the frame in one easy motion, and the innovative Expanding Thermal Collar which solves the issue of the 20mm gap around the window.

“Keylite is delighted to have been involved in the scheme and commends the college’s dedication and commitment to bridging the gap between education and industry.”



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