Leadwork Roofer Inspired to Turn Lead Artist

A SCOTTISH ROOFER has found inspiration from working with lead to create a collection of artistic creations.

Craig Marshall from CM Leadworks in Duns, in the Scottish borders, started to learn to weld lead just over a year ago as part of his roofing job, but found that he had a talent to create beautiful and imaginative sculptures from the metal.

Craig says, “When I first started, I met two other lead artists, Gary Doran and Geo Gargan who helped and inspired me to find my own path in the small lead art world. Gary hand beats all his artwork, while Geo casts unique and wonderful lead figures.

Lead Sculpture

“My first big lead sculpture was a spider and web which caught the eye of an art gallery and things just developed from there. The wellington boot lead sculpture was an interesting commission as it was the first time I had welded milled to cast lead. I definitely didn’t expect it to be so hard, but I learned from that process”, Craig explains.

Now, Craig’s lead creations are hugely popular and he has a lively and enthusiastic following on his CM Leadworks Facebook gallery page.

The most popular products are flowers, Craig says: “The challenge with flowers is trying to get the bases completely flawless. After a trying a few different techniques, I finally found the perfect solution: metal polishing flap disks!”

Scrap Lead

Using scrap lead, Craig has extended his artistic skills to produce a moving tribute to World War veterans which was recently auctioned for charity. Weighing eight stone, the ‘Wounded Soldier’ head is the biggest item Craig has made.

“Remembrance Day was approaching and I wanted to play my part for charity and to remember the sacrifices that were made in both World Wars. So, ‘Tommy the Wounded Soldier’ was created and I put it into a silence auction at an art gallery. It sold for £501, which a was really pleased with,” says Craig.

Fabulous Reviews

Another recent creation is the ‘Patchwork Lady’, which Craig says “was just something I wanted to make”. The beautifully crafted female figure was made with all the scrap lead from a recent roofing job Craig worked on.

Receiving fabulous reviews and numerous enquiries to buy the figure, Craig says, “I’m just someone who enjoys making stuff from scrap lead”.

To see more of Craig’s lead sculptures, visit the CM Leadworks Facebook gallery page or his cm-leadworks Instagram page.



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