Leister’s Uniroof 300/700 for More Welding Control, Flexibility, and Versatility

LEISTER’S UNIROOF 300/700 roof welding equipment

INTRODUCING LEISTER’S new UNIROOF 300/700, for reliable high-quality welding.  A new improved nozzle shape produces a wider welding width with 25-30% more welding area, creating homogenous, dependable welding for all single plastic single ply membranes.

Leister’s new nozzle shape achieves superior results with lower temperatures (up to 20-30℃ less), using less electricity which is advantageous in projects where undervoltage may be an issue.

Leister’s Uniroof 300/700

Leister Uniroof 700Leister’s new patented inseam scraping nozzle roughens the welding material and creates a higher peeling force resulting in a better weld. No need to use solvent, simply switch from the new improved standard nozzle to the scraping nozzle to weld difficult-to-weld roof waterproofing membranes and TPO waterproofing membranes.

Be on the safe side with reliable closed-loop technology from Leister.  The UNIROOF 300/700 includes power management with dynamic regulation which guarantees that parameters remain constant in the case of voltage fluctuations and undervoltage, allowing you to achieve consistent and reliable welding performance under difficult and differing conditions on the construction site.

Set Parameters

With Leister’s new UNIROOF 300/700 set the welding parameters of speed, temperature and air supply quickly and effortlessly using the easy to operate display. The UNIROOF 700 also displays the voltage measurement and welds 20% faster than the UNIROOF 300.

Connect the UNIROOF 700 to laptops, macs and mobiles using the LQS (Leister Quality System) myLeister app. It means you can create, access, and share your welding profiles and recipes, storing your customised welding recipes on the myLeister app and at the machine.

Leister Uniroof700/300 scrapping nozzle
Leister Uniroof700/300 scrapping nozzle

Using the LQS allows you to set welding parameter limits, provides you with more control and less failures for operators and increases welding process reliability.  The LQS system produces a GPS supported automatic data report to help increase control, produce proof of evidence, and allow you to double check the inspection using GPS coordinates and tracking.

The UNIROOF 700 offers additional quality management and immediate help with the LQS monitored welding assistant, making the manufacturing welding process safer.

For example, if the undervoltage is too big the UNIROOF 700 produces an audio/visual event alert, and the machine stops after 30 seconds without a reaction.

Leister’s new UNIROOF 300/700 models incorporate maintenance-free brushless drive motors, decreasing costs and potential downtime.

Leister UNIFLOOR 700

Meanwhile, the UNIFLOOR 700 also includes a brushless blower motor and an eco-mode with up to 30% saving in energy consumption, further increasing efficiency, and decreasing costs.

Developed by Leister – the leading name in plastic welding applications, the UNIFLOOR 300/700 models are supplied to the UK by Welwyn Tool Group. Welwyn supply the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment and offers highly competent technical support by their team of dedicated engineers.

For further information and technical advice for equipment in this field, please contact Welwyn Tool Group on 0800 856 0057, email them on info@welwyntoolgroup.com, or visit the Welwyn Tool website.