Maximise Your Project’s Fabric First Eco Credentials with Soprema

Soprema insulation materials

WITH ENERGY costs rising and wasted energy contributing to both the causes and impacts of global warming, specifiers are under more pressure than ever to deliver building envelopes that reduce heat loss and solar gain.

Insulation Technologies

Soprema has developed a range of high-performance insulation systems that not only help you achieve that goal, but also enhance your project’s sustainability credentials with a circular approach to sustainability.

Using a variety of renewable, natural, recycled and recyclable materials, and reducing embedded carbon with innovative manufacturing processes, Soprema can offer you a choice of insulation technologies that enhance both building performance and environmental best practice including:

Pavatex: a range of woodfibre insulation, a vapour permeable material made from sustainable timber that provides carbon lock-up and is completely recyclable.

Pavatextil P: insulation made from recycled denim and cotton, which provides excellent thermal performance and leverages the hydrophilic and hygroscopic qualities of natural cotton, with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and fire-retardant properties added during processing.

Soprema XPS: a range that prevents moisture absorption thanks to its closed cell structure, offers excellent thermal performance, is 100% recyclable, and is manufactured using recycled materials and climate-friendly C02 technology. The BRE has approved SOPRA XPS SL and XPS 500 with a Green Guide Rating A.

insulation materials

Soprema Fabric First Approach

A fabric first approach to building envelope specification remains the most effective way to reduce energy use in any property. As the building envelope experts, the Soprema team can advise you on the best solution to meet your project’s environmental goals, combining the materials you use with performance throughout the lifecycle of the building.

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