MGMA Makes it a Hat-trick of Online CPDs

THE METAL GUTTER Manufacturers Association (MGMA) has added a third CPD to its new portfolio of online CPDs on the MGMA website.

The CPD titled Industrial metal rainwater systems inspection and maintenance is intended to provide the user with best practice advice in the inspection and maintenance of industrial metal rainwater systems.

Metal gutter maintenance

The CPD covers the inspection methods for gravity and siphonic drainage systems and discusses the maintenance requirements for both systems.

On-site repairs are also covered, including membrane joints. The importance of keeping written records and the undertaking of proper and adequate risk assessments to ensure site safety is also highlighted.

The course material can be studied offline and has an online assessment component to verify knowledge. The module represents 60 minutes of professional development and following successful completion of the CPD, a certificate is available for immediate download and can be printed for the user’s personal records. The CPDs are accredited by the CPD Certification Service.



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