Midland Lead Features in the Latest Parliamentary Review

Midland Lead, the Derbyshire-based lead sheet manufacturer, was invited to feature in the latest Parliamentary Review, representing the metals, materials and fabrication sector alongside just 15 other businesses.

Parliamentary Reviews are independent publications which share best practice among policy makers and business leaders. Each one focuses on a key governmental policy area, with a variety of organisations sharing their insights alongside cabinet ministers, government agencies, associations and trade bodies.

With a foreword from the Prime Minister, Theresa May, The Parliamentary Review’s release is now a key fixture in the political calendar.

Theresa May said: “For Her Majesty’s Government, our task in the year ahead is clear: to achieve the best Brexit deal for Britain and to carry on our work to build a more prosperous and united country.

“By focusing our efforts on making the most of these areas of enormous potential, we can develop new exports, grow new industries, and create more good jobs in every part of the country.”

Midland Lead has its sights firmly focused on the future and their plans include creating new jobs, developing innovative manufacturing processes and a strong commitment to improving the environment.

Boudewijn Tuinenburg, Managing Director of Midland Lead said: “This year we celebrate 35 years of lead sheet manufacturing in the UK and we are honoured to have been invited to share our experience to inform government policy.

“Being selected to take part in The Parliamentary Review this year is a clear signal that Midland Lead will continue to set high standards within our industry. We are so proud of what we have achieved and we will continue to be ambassadors for sustainable manufacturing, supporting future skills, diversity and developing innovative ways of working.”

Across all policy areas, The Parliamentary Review is sent to over half a million leading policy makers, stakeholders in industry and other relevant individuals. The main aim of the Review is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector.

The Review’s release will be marked by a reception lunch at the Houses of Parliament later this month.



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