Milestone Reached as Scaffolding Removed from Historic Nottingham Landmark

A MAJOR MILESTONE has been reached with the removal of scaffolding from a Grade I historic building in Nottingham following roof repairs.

The work on the roof at Nottingham Castle’s Ducal Palace was carried out by specialist heritage firm Martin-Brooks as part of a £30m restoration project.

Works to the Palace until this point have involved stripping back and returning the site to its original 1870s state, including the removal of the roof following a number of modifications since the 19th Century. The original Ducal Palace building burnt down in 1831 and was rebuilt in 1875 and later opened as a gallery in 1878.

The scaffolding has been progressively removed over the course of eight months, with the northern temporary roof being taken down in June, the southern temporary roof removed in December and the last section located on the Colonnade at the end of January.

Timelapse Video of Roofing Work and Scaffolding

Richard Oldfield, project manager at G F Tomlinson said: “The removal of the scaffolding marks another major milestone in the redevelopment of Nottingham Castle. This is an iconic yet complex development, so each step forward is a major victory. The temporary works have been key for the overall development – if it was not for the scaffolding and temporary roof, the building would have been at great risk of damage from the weather, so the extensive works have been worthwhile.”

“The Ducal Palace forms a large part of the redevelopment works and G F Tomlinson is proud to be a part of its restoration, taking the historic building back to its original fabric to present it how it was 140 years ago, which is essential to bring the Castle back to its former glory and transform it into a world class visitor centre.”

Project completion date

Nottingham City Council portfolio holder for leisure and culture, Councillor Dave Trimble said: “The impressive scaffold wrapping the Castle for the last 12 months has been something of a landmark on the Nottingham skyline. Now works on the roof are complete, people will definitely notice its disappearance, marking a significant step towards finishing the transformation of the Castle as we move towards re-opening next year.”

The scaffolding, a PLETTAC system developed by Trad, was supplied and erected in November 2018 by Nottingham-based Empire Scaffolding.

The Morton Partnership, the temporary works engineer JPL and Empire Scaffolding all developed the scaffolding and temporary works design over a three-month period to ensure all aspects were properly considered.



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