Modular Skylights Installed at Wicklow Hospice in Ireland

A TOTAL OF 140 modules of VELUX Longlights, VELUX Wall-mounted Longlights and VELUX Northlights, have been installed at Wicklow Hospice at Magheramore, Ireland, providing ventilation, thermal comfort and natural light to all building users.

The Hospice, which opened in January 2020, accommodates 15 in-patient bedrooms, treatment rooms, café, shop and an oratory, plus management and office suites.

VELUX Modular Skylights were identified by Martin Noone Architects as providing the most appropriate rooflight system for the Wicklow Hospice project, one which would maximise natural daylight, and create an ambience conducive to the well-being of those people living and working there.


The ease with which the operable skylights could be opened and closed by both patients and staff to ensure that spaces were well-ventilated and thermally comfortable was a key consideration in the design. VELUX Commercial worked closely with the architect to configure the VELUX skylights to provide a tailored solution for the hospice.

  • In each of the patient bedrooms, an individual comfort-venting VELUX Longlight was installed in the roof above the bathroom to provide diffused light and sky views
  • All of the VELUX Modular Skylights for Wicklow were manufactured from triple glazing to reduce the effects of solar glare and heat gain.
  • The VELUX INTEGRA® control system was installed where localised control was required, and smoke-venting modules were incorporated, where necessary, to fulfil the requirements of the Fire Strategy

For more information, visit the website here.



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