MOY Continues to Rise and Raise the Roof

Moy Continues to become the future of roofing poster

MOY roofing waterproofing system specialists continues in becoming one of the leading roof system and service providers across the UK.  Specialising in a service led business, that supports and advises from design and specification stage to completion, MOY has recently launched the next stage in roofing design: smart technology.

MOY Continues

A new dynamic solution to their offerings with a 24/7 live monitoring of your roofing performance.

This intelligent roof solution powered by AquaTrace and combined with a MOY selected waterproofing system, is the new MOY Intelligent Roofing Smart Monitoring solution which detects any break in roof performance and feeds back to you in real time via its smart app to your laptop or mobile.

Now MOY are able to dramatically reduce the risk and commercial implications from water ingress into a building.

Alongside this, MOY has continued to expand their team of technical advisors and sales representatives.  With offices, warehousing and training facilities in London, Glasgow and Dublin it has been noted that MOY has continued a smooth supply of materials throughout the pandemic.

National Sales Manager Scott Hodgetts said: “Over the past two years, suppliers have experienced challenges in the supply of waterproofing products and accessories.  Due to expert forecasting alongside our approved contractors and the volume of stock MOY hold across the UK and Ireland, we were largely unaffected by these market conditions and were able to react to challenges swiftly and promptly. We’re very thankful for that and grateful to be able to deliver on our side of the agreement”.

MOY would be delighted to assist with any technical or commercial challenges you may have and show you how first-class service doesn’t need to come at an inflated cost.  Call – 01245 707 449 or find your local Moy representative.

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